Meet MTV’s New Awards Show: The OMAs


We just got word that MTV is planning to launch a new, heavily interactive awards show that will “honor the migration of music to the digital space, and celebrate the art, artistry and technology of digital music.” It’s called the OMAs, and will take place on April 28th. What’s not exactly clear: Well for starters, what exactly the “O” stands for, because the network is leaving that “undefined and open to interpretation from viewers” — which just sounds kind of lazy if you ask us. Also, no categories have been announced yet, but they “could” include things like “best app” and “best Kanye West tweet.” As for the latter, can you imagine the acceptance speech?

“We think this space now needs an award show,” said Dermot McCormack, head of MTV Music Group digital. “We think we’re fairly well qualified to come up with a way of rewarding achievement in these new categories.” Do you agree with him?