Lil’ Kim Finds New Medium for Dissing Nicki Minaj: Documentary


It’s official: Nicki Minaj is the best thing that’s happened to Lil’ Kim since Biggie Smalls. First, she lashed out at Minaj with a diss track called “Black Friday.” Then, she released a full-length mixtape of the same name for $9.99, which she claims sold over 113,000 copies in 28 hours — despite the fact that her most recent studio album, 2005’s The Naked Truth took about a week to do similar numbers. And now, her official street team has come out with “Carbon Copy,” a documentary so sloppy it verges on incomprehensibility, that muddles photos of the rappers, snippets of their music, and interviews in a quest to prove that Minaj totally stole Kim’s schtick.

Listen, we’re as happy to see the Queen Bee make a comeback as anyone. But now that she’s registered her complaint, she can either move on and start writing about something different or cement her place in the 21st century as “that lady who’s scarily obsessed with Nicki Minaj.”

[via The Daily Swarm]