Morning Links: Could You Be Addicted to Twitter Poetry?


Is overuse of the Internet really about to become a mental disorder? We certainly hope not, because that would just make our job feel totally awkward. “The line between compulsive behavior and sheer hard work is also difficult to gauge, much less reliably diagnose.” Heh. [Psychology Today]

Booker Prize winner Ben Okri (The Famished Road) is releasing a new poem line by line via Twitter. We wonder if he’s composing on the fly or if he wrote the whole thing ahead of time. [Guardian]

The birth of a new typeface, step-by-step [I Love Typography]

Obama’s (TV) ratings are down — we suggest that he finds a way to work in more Malia and Sasha screen time. That’s what usually works on other TV shows. People love cute kids. [THR]

5 actors who should have just said no to the whole franchise thing [Spout]

“Thanks to Luxury Property Blog, you can peruse a list of the Most Expensive Luxury Interiors to aid you in the always-fashionable sport of conspicuous consumption.” Capital letters? Must be spendy. [Kottke]

Is it wrong we want to read the Cloris Leachman memoir? Now we understand why people love those Kindles so much. Privacy. [NYP]

Ben Harper’s second first record [Billboard]

Nicole Kidman + Woody Allen? We’re sure Naomi Watts had a hand in this, but maybe it could work. We really liked Nicole Kidman in a few films — Moulin Rouge and The Others come to mind — but we can’t think of any recent work she had done that’s interested us. [THR]

Le Corbursier at the Barbican (slideshow) [NYT]