Whose Hair? A Celebrity Coif Guessing Game


Celebrity hair is a much-discussed phenomenon — but is it art? Well, probably not, but in Whose Hair? by Christina Christoforou, it manages to be both art and a pretty good time. For the book, Christoforou, a prolific illustrator and artist who has created many artworks, both hairdo-related (a NYT-commissioned project drawing world leaders’ spouses’ hair) and also non-hairdo-related (cover art for Vladimir Nabokov’s Nikolai Gogol), has drawn a series of remarkably true-to life depictions of celebrity hair, leaving the faces blank, an invitation to guess at the rightful owners, and then draw, scribble or just pontificate into the space. The book, which is set to be published in March by Laurence King Publishing, includes more than 200 original drawings of world leaders, music icons, artists, TV personalities, and even Elizabethan poets (okay, one) for your perusal, but to tide you over until the pub date, we’ve pulled out a few of our favorites for your guessing pleasure. Click through to guess that hair!

Frida Kahlo

Richard Pryor

The James Bonds

Sigmund Freud

Russell Brand

To learn more about the book or try your luck at guessing a few more celebrity hairstyles, check out the book at the Laurence King Publishing website.