Video of the Day: The World’s Fattest Contortionist


Matt Alaeddine, also known as “Fat Matt” and “Powermann,” of Edmonton (of course he’s Canadian), claims he is the world’s fattest contortionist. Well, we suppose there has to be a world’s fattest everything. But is Alaeddine a real contortionist or just a slightly more-flexible-than-average fat guy in gold spandex flopping about? Whatever he is, he’s officially hilarious. Choice quotes: 1. “I have traveled to many countries, and done many things. Obesity — it’s working for me.” 2. “My weight fluctuates depending on the candy associated with the season. I mean, we’re just coming out of, at this point, the Christmas rush, the Halloween rush, so I’m sittin’ pretty at over 400.” 3. “I’m just a dirty carney, but people think I’m some kind of rockstar. It’s the best life.” Read the story at the Edmonton Journal and watch the video after the jump.

[via The Daily What]