Name That TV Tune: Chuck + Free Album Download


Welcome to Name That TV Tune, a new feature wherein we’ll help a Flavorwire reader identify a song that they liked from a television show that week. (Feel free to submit your own queries here.) Because if there’s one thing that this office is chock full of, it’s music nerds. Let the games begin!

Dear Flavorwire:

What was that song they played at the end of this week’s Chuck? I can usually recognize the bands on the show’s soundtrack (like the Air Supply that played earlier in the episode), but this one totally escaped me, and unlike some networks, NBC doesn’t do that handy “featured on tonight’s episode” thing.

Thanks, Jesse P.

Hi Jesse P.:

Good question. In the closing scene what you heard was Matt Pond PA’s “Amazing Life” off of their EP entitled the freeep which you can download in its entirety for free here. (Ergo the album’s clever name.)

Side note: Someone over there must be a fan of the Philly-based band, because they also figured in the fifth episode of last season, “Chuck vs. the Sizzling Shrimp.” That time around it was their acoustic ditty “Wild Girl.”

And while we’ve finally found someone else who watches Chuck, can you answer us this: Do you think he’ll ever get The Intersect out of his head and get to have a normal life with Sarah? And do you really believe that he trusts her?

OK, we’ll stop now, but thanks for playing!