Flavorpill Has Reinvented the Email Newsletter: Take It, It’s Yours


Dear Readers,

When we launched Flavorpill 10 years ago, email was the magical new thing, and our big idea was to pick a shortlist of great events in NYC and send it to your inbox. Since then, we’ve expanded to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Miami, and Las Vegas; launched branded mailers focused on art, books, and music; created a daily email of reviews; and launched a blog of cultural news and critique. Meanwhile, email has gotten a bit out of control. And, today, we’re putting out a fix: a reinvention of the email newsletter.

We’re still huge fans of email, but we must admit, it’s broken. For most of us, it has become an endless river of content: important information, useless information, love letters, work tasks, friends’ reminders, site notifications, fun newsletters, and the kitchen sink, all mixed up together, with the latest one right up there at the top of the list. And even though some of us practice lifehacker tools to keep it under control, we’re all just fighting back a river, which is getting bigger, stronger, and more frothy. That’s why it’s time for publishers who are focusing on the email to consolidate, personalize, and give their readers the opportunity to have full transparency and control over what they get.

Today, we launched a brand-new Flavorpill mailer, which lets you pick your categories, select which cities you want to see events in, and choose how often, and even which days, you want to get it — and we’ll build each email custom for you, based on what you want. We’re also tracking what you click on, both on the mailer and the site, to give you even more event listings and articles based on what you’re into. The best part is, the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

We’re all still in the awkward adolescent stage with these tools, and the perfect ones don’t exist yet. But the technology is now here to lift us out of the way it’s been done for ten years now. And with our partners at Sailthru, we’ve created the the best email so far: dynamically powered by you, aided by expert editors who live and breathe culture, and getting smarter every day.

Look in coming months for the integration of your friends’ selections into what we send you, and for more personalization tools that will make each Flavorpill that hits your inbox something that informs, excites, and motivates. We ask that you give it a try: set your preferences, open it, click on it, and see if it gives you what you want, and what you didn’t even know you wanted. Maybe these emails will help you save a little time; maybe even to turn off the computer now and again and get outside. That’s a good thing.

Own your email. Don’t let it own you.

Onward and upward,

Mark Mangan and Sascha Lewis Flavorpill Founders

Top image credit: Doug Jaeger