The Craziest Charlie Sheen Meltdown Merchandise


It’s been less than a week since Charlie Sheen began his media insanity tour, but the internet is already teeming with folks hoping to cash in on his highly quotable meltdown. Sure, you’ve got literally hundreds of T-shirts (Zazzle has seven exhausting pages of mostly terrible ones), but that’s not all: There are even wall decals! And original works of art! We compile the wackiest and best Sheen-inspired T-shirts and other curios after the jump.

Brenda Sutton’s original painting, “Frickin’ Rock Star from Mars.” $100 at Etsy.

Still wondering if David Bowie is planning to sue for paranoid delusion infringement.

Charlie Sheen Crazy Quote T-shirt, $16.99 from Etsy.

There are plenty of Sheen quote T-shirts out there now, but this is probably the most stylish (if not the most grammatically correct).

Charlie Sheen quote wall decal, $25 at Etsy.

The date was going so well until you brought her home. Suddenly, for some reason, she just started backing away from you. And when she got to the front door, she started running like her life depended on it…

Busted Charlie T-shirt, $24 at Etsy.

The toga is good, but where is the tiger blood?

“I’ve Got the Tiger Blood, Man” T-shirt, $23.99 at Skreened.

Ah. Here it is. In fact, the Live the Sheen Dream shop has a whopping 24 Charlie-themed T-shirts.

Vatican Assassin Warlock T-shirt, $24.30 at Zazzle

Obvious? Maybe. But it Charlie Sheen in a pope hat Photoshop desperately needed to happen.