Keith Richards’ Daughter Arrested for Tagging a Convent


Our friends at Gothamist report that Theodora Richards — Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ 25-year-old daughter, and a successful model who has appeared in the pages of Vogue, Glamour, and Rolling Stone — was arrested last night after cops caught her tagging “TNA” on the side of a convent in SoHo with a paint marker. (Any guesses as to what that means? Perhaps she’s anti-nun?!) She was also found to be carrying around both marijuana and Xanax. Theordora is currently being held in the custody of the NYPD awaiting arraignment, which most likely will happen later today. We can’t help but wonder: When someone who is as wild as Keith Richards is your dad, should you get in trouble for this kind of (admittedly relatively tame) bad behavior, or is it simply part of your genetic code?