FW Exclusive: Ellen of Los Campesinos! Reveals Her Favorite Short Story


Trust that one of the members of a twee, glockenspiel-loving indie pop band from Wales with exclamation points littering their song titles and literary lyrics like “If only you would give your life to literature just/Don’t read Jane Eyre!” have strong, interesting opinions about what they read in their downtime.

Not they have much of it — LOS CAMPESINOS! released their second full-length album WE ARE BEAUTIFUL, WE ARE DOOMED last week after dropping their debut effort earlier this year.

To our point, this latest album contains a track called “The End Of The Asterisk.” Somewhere our high school English teacher is smiling.

After the jump hipster poster girl and ardent book worm Ellen Campesinos! (bass and vocals) takes time from the band’s European tour to reveal her favorite short story. If you’ve already read it, leave us your review in the comments.

“Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire” from FRAGILE THINGS by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman lightheartedly parodies the Gothic genre in this short tale about a writer who wishes to compose a story reflecting real life but has creative block; the writer exists in a Gothic-tinged reality (Edgar Allan Poe and Percy Shelley would be proud) in which conversations with ravens, sword fights with cursed relatives and bleeding portraits are the norm. Eventually he is convinced to write fantasy fiction or “escapism” by penning a book about a couple disputing over how their eggs are cooked.