5 How-to Guides to Get You Through Lean Times


When we woke up on Monday, we were ready for some karmic renewal. It was finally spring (even if the weather provided evidence to the contrary) and we really believed that things couldn’t possibly get any shittier. But, they did. Planes continued to fall out of the sky like ducks in hunting season. North Dakota was drowned by of flood of biblical proportions. And, though we don’t really want to talk about it, the economy kept on imploding. By Thursday, we seriously missed the days when you could compose a sentence without using “AIG” (for a really vitriolic explanation of what went wrong, check out this article from Rolling Stone). Oh, and amid all of the chaos iTunes decided to hike its prices.

Confronted with an irredeemably shitty world, we turned to the Internet for guidance. Below, check out the how-to lists that we hope will assuage some of your anxiety until things stop sucking so badly.

1. For when you’re too broke to hit up the artisanal cheese shop: Chow’s guide to making mozzarella

2. For when you need a project to get your mind off [choose your disaster]: Craftzine (added bonus: they’ll show you how to make the plush anatomical knee featured in today’s Design Porn)

3. For when you agreed to take a pay cut: Time Out‘s guide to making extra cash

4. For when you still want a social life, but the idea of a twelve dollar cocktail makes you break out in a stress rash: Grub’s guide to potlucks

5. For when you want to live dangerously on the cheap: Esquire’s guide to minor transgressions (driving without your headlights on might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but who doesn’t want to smoke a joint in the park?)