Photos of Too-Cool-for-School Music Icons Eating


People are oddly vulnerable when they’re eating. Food can be sloppy, it screws up your makeup — and perhaps most of all, like a sex tape, it gives rare insight into a person’s basic appetites. So it’s especially fascinating to see those who look the coolest and most distant (or those who are so skinny or seem so drug-addled they must never eat) stuffing their faces. After the jump, we round up photos of hip music icons, from John Lennon to Joan Jett to Thom Yorke, enjoying food.

John Lennon [via]

David Byrne [via]

David Byrne (right) with Brian Eno [via]

Joan Jett

David Bowie [via]

Mick Jagger — with William S. Burroughs and Andy Warhol

Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, with Entrance Band [via]

Sid Vicious [via]

Kurt Cobain [via]

Thom Yorke [via]

Shirley Manson of Garbage [via]

Jay-Z and Beyoncé [via]