Watch Dwight Schrute and Juno MacGuff Fight Crime


The trailer for Super — which is written and directed by James Gunn ( Slither ) and stars Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon, Liv Tyler, and Nathan Fillion — makes it look like the kind of movie we originally thought that Kick-Ass was going to be: a warped indie comedy about wannabe superheros. Wilson plays a sad sack who decides to suit up as “Crimson Bolt” after his hot wife (Tyler) dumps him for a smarmy drug dealer (Bacon). Ellen Page is the comic book store clerk who helps educate him on the cannon before eventually slipping into a mask and tights as his sidekick, “Boltie.” We’ll definitely be checking this one out when it hits theaters on April 1st, if only to squirm over the idea of sexual tension between Wilson and Page. How about you?

[via Slashfilm]