Our New Favorite Kids Book: Goodnight Dune


Who said good art never came out of random comments on the internet? Goodnight Dune, a crazy cool mash-up of the classic children’s book Goodnight Moon and the David Lynch movie version of Dune, was born when cartoonist Julia Yu was poking around the internet and came across this College Humor article, linked from a Reddit post with a comment imploring someone to actually write an illustrate the parody book. Yu decided to go for it, and she was clearly up to the task – her version of Goodnight Dune is a winning combination of visual film references, classic Dune language, and winking nostalgia. We predict that sci-fi lit nerd dads will be reading this to their toddlers and chuckling to themselves sometime very soon. Click through to see pages from the book and visit Yu’s awesome website for more information.

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[via Powell’s and Comics Alliance]