Adorable Street Art By a 10 Year Old


Children’s book author Aaron Zenz‘s kids sound pretty phenomenal. According to our friends at The Daily What, after a Zenz family screening of Exit Through the Gift Shop , his 10-year-old daughter Gracie decided that her dearest ambition was to be a street artist herself. Ever the obliging dad, Zenz cooked up a kid-safe public street art project that would be “in no way damaging” — gotta teach those morals, after all! The final project, which the whole family participated in, is documented on Zenz’s kids’ blog (or blog about his kids?) and is pretty great. Definitely a good first step for Gracie if she wants to be the next Banksy. In, you know, 2020. Click through for photos of the project (even more at their website!) and tell us about your own street art attempts in the comments!