Watercooler Cheatsheet – FW’s Roundup of The Day’s Most Viral News Stories


Stretching: The Truth by GRETCHEN REYNOLDS – You know those annoying stretches they made you do back in Phys Ed? They might actually make you weaker. [NYT]

Palin Prank Call: Canadian Comedy Duo Convinces Palin She’s Talking To Sarkozy by staff – A Canadian comedy duo convinced SARAH PALIN that they were French President NICOLAS SARKOZY. This post includes the awesome audio. [HuffPo]

If Obama Loses, Who Gets Blamed? by JOHN DICKERSON – How an Obama loss would point to a huge judgment error by pollsters, anaylsts and the media — and is this one thing we’re all too scared to talk about. [Slate]

I made 100 phone calls for John McCain by ANGELA VALDEZ – A freelance journalist tries her hand at scripted campaign calls and realizes that most people don’t use landlines and those who do mumble. [Salon]

A Brooklyn Mitzvah: Converting the Hipsters by KAITLIN BELL – Rabbis attempt to recruit secular 20- and early 30-somethings who are taking over Brooklyn’s slowly gentrifying Bushwick nabe. [NYO]