Video of the Day: Clarissa Darling Interns in New York


Na Na Na… Hey, cool! Our friends at The Daily What have dug up the pilot for Clarissa Now, which would have been a 1995 spin-off of classic TV show Clarissa Explains It All, had it actually been produced. Though the intro music still has some na-na-nas, in Clarissa Now, Miss Darling is 18 and interning at a newspaper in New York City, winning over her bosses (including the publisher, played by Tony Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Marian Seldes), pissing off the suspiciously cute reporter-in-training, playing with laughably outdated office equipment and riding the subway, which looks exactly the same as it does today. Unfortunately for us, CBS passed on the show, so the series was never filmed, but Clarissa fans can still click through to watch the pilot and have their minds blown. As Sam would say, what’s the worst that could happen?

Part 1

Part 2