The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Gore Verbinski’s animated Johnny Depp flick Rango was the big winner at the weekend box office, bringing in $38 million; thanks to a larger than expected turnout by female viewers, The Adjustment Bureau followed not too far behind with $20.9 million. [via Vulture]

2. Ke$ha is promoting safe sex by putting her face on 10,000 condom wrappers that will be thrown into the crowd at her upcoming concerts. [via Perez]

3. Get your first official look at the eponymous heroine of Nickelodeon’s highly-anticipated follow-up to Avatar: The Last Airbender, a sequel called Avatar: Legend of Korra. The 12-part miniseries is set to air in November. [via The Daily What]

4. “When I look back at it, that was crap. The writers’ strike was coming hard and fast. It was just terrible to do a movie where you’ve got to have a story in three weeks. I was prepping a movie for months where I only had 14 pages of some idea of what the movie was. It’s a BS way to make a movie, do you know what I’m saying?” – As it turns out, even Michael Bay hated Transformers 2.

5. “Sheen’s Korner,” Charlie Sheen’s new web show, hit the Internet on Saturday night and attracted more than 100,000 viewers. Check out the most awkward moments from the debut here.

Bonus link: Humans May Have Been Shrooming for 9,000 Years