Spoilers: ‘True Blood’ Hops Back on the Crazy Train for Season 4


Now that Big Love is closing in on its series finale (how are they ever going to wrap it up in just two more episodes?), we’re preparing to turn our attentions back to HBO’s other WTF-filled drama series, True Blood. And considering the way last season ended — remember Bill and Queen Sophie-Anne’s Matrix-like midair showdown? — the writers are going to have a lot of drama to cover in Season 4. Good thing creator Alan Ball and his cast did some talking about what we can expect when the show returns in June, at a PaleyFest panel over the weekend. It’s all spoilers from here on, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Here are a few things we can expect in Season 4. Click over to TV Guide for a more complete rundown:

1. Forget those wedding plans: Sookie and Bill aren’t getting back together too soon, seeing as it’ll take her a while to get over the revelation that he was originally sent by Queen Sophie-Anne to keep an eye on her. But that doesn’t change Bill’s feelings for her, and he’s still going to protect Sookie with his life.

2. Eric’s memory gets erased. “He doesn’t know who he is anymore … Eric needs help,” Alexander Skarsgard told the PaleyCenter audience. “The powerful character he was is just gone. He’s the polar opposite of who he used to be. He’s just completely lost … and very vulnerable.” Hot.

3. Sookie’s been spending a lot of time with her fairy sisters — and learned some exciting new tricks.

4. Arlene is so having that demon baby, ASAP.

5. Russell Edgington ain’t dead yet.

6. Godric returns — but don’t get excited, he’s still dead.