Interactive Interview: Ben Ottewell of Gomez on Going Solo


As a band, Gomez are one of contemporary UK music’s most enduring success stories. Over the course of 14 years, the group has released six studio albums, without losing or changing a single member. One of the secrets to that longevity is the spirit of collaboration that inspires its roots-rock, blues, and folk-driven music. Although Gomez isn’t the only band out there with multiple songwriters, it is one of the few that can boast three lead vocalists. And among those voices, it’s the gravelly baritone of Ben Ottewell that has always been most distinctive.

This year, Ottewell has also become the third member of the band to release a solo project, with his own debut album, Shapes & Shadows, revealing what happens when he enters the studio fully in charge of his own musical destiny. For longtime fans, it might not be quite what they expected from the man with the shockingly powerful voice; in fact, it’s quite a subdued, thoughtful, and emotive affair — a record that revels in the quieter moments and wears its melancholy like a badge of honor. In our latest Flavorpill Interactive Interview, Ottewell reveals what it was like taking the reins for the first time and why he wants to work with Neil Young — plus, he plays us something he’s never recorded before.

Use the player below to control the interview yourself — just select which question you want answered and click to get an instant response. Be sure not to miss Ben’s cover of Jackson Browne’s “These Days,” exclusive to this interview and!

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