Trend Watch: Houses With Slides


When you used to fantasize about what kind of house you’d live in one day, did it have all kinds of crazy stuff like a trampoline, a pinball machine, a mini basketball court, a soda machine, and so much room that you could skateboard around the place without running into anything? Yes, we watched Big way too many times too. But there’s one thing that Tom Hanks’ enormous loft didn’t have: its own slide. You don’t need to be a kid to see why having a slide in your home could actually be practical — you can just zip from one floor to the next! — which could explain why the trend seems to be catching on around the globe. Click through for some of our favorite examples of houses with built-in slides.

The Rainbow House, London – Designed by Ab Rogers Design in collaboration with DA.Studio

[Images via PLASTOLUX]

East Village penthouse, New York City – Designed by Turett Collaborative Architects

Photo credit: Travis Dubreuil [via Design Milk]

House with Slide, Tokyo – Designed by Level Architects

[Images via designboom]

Luxury villa in Koh Samui, Thailand – Designed by Lulu Holidays

Play House, Jakarta – Designed by Aboday

Photo credit: Happy Lim [via Dezeen]