What Is David Lynch Up to Exactly?


After that brief stint where he delivered LA weather reports via webcam, we thought that there was nothing that David Lynch could do online that would surprise us. Evidently, we were wrong. Tomorrow, “sometime between 1:23 and 1:38 pm Pacific time,” he’s relaunching the currently dormant davidlynch.com as a digital music store and “sensory experience” designed to feel like “a secret room filled with music.”

According to ArtsBeat, we can expect “sound experiments from the past (some unreleased from his film and television projects),” along with some new music, to be up for grabs. Lynch also seems to realize that in order for his new site to be a success, it needs to be updated more frequently than its previous incarnation. “In the beginning there was a lot of buzz, as if there were millions of bees in the hive, but because the content wasn’t really updated enough, more and more bees flew off,” he explained to them over email. “And finally there was a real nice buzz, but it was very small as if maybe only one or two bees stayed in the nest. They were very nice bees. And I hope they will come over to the new davidlynch.com.”