The Gossip Girl Drinking Game – Drink Like a Fish (of the Bass Variety, Of Course)


Last week’s episode of GOSSIP GIRL featured a brilliant parody of the New York City hipsterati set. What with all the CORY KENNEDY, NYLON MAGAZINE and underground photoblog references flying around, we’re starting to wonder if the producers didn’t just set up a livecam in Don Hill’s.

And then there was that incredibly tedious game of “I love you” tag between Chuck and Blair that ended on a predictable melancholic note; two lovers destroyed by the thing that binds them.

Can’t we just have a sex scene already? This season it’s like C. and B. are suddenly channeling David and Donna.

If tonight’s episode is anything like last week’s the drinking game after the jump should have you as soused as Chuck Bass a few martinis in on a Friday night…or any other day of the week for that matter.

Feel free to add your rules in the comments.

You must drink every time….

– Dan and Nate share a homoerotic moment

– You hear the word “game”

– Chuck shows a hint of humanity

– Chuck shows zero humanity

– Blair uses an invented word to skirt profanity (“motherchucker”, “fustercluck”)

– Any couple decides to be “friends”

– Blair Waldorf wears lingerie

– A character brandishes an LG phone with remarkably high-res photos in someone’s face as a threat to their existence.

– Anyone gets it on in a limo

– Chuck Bass wears pink or purple

– A girl wears a real school uniform, and not something vaguely plaid that looks like it walked out of the pages of Teen Vogue — ok, who are we kidding, anytime you see plaid

– A text message foils a character’s diabolical agenda

– Any character’s hair gets pulled

– Leonora Epstein

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