We Cast HBO’s ‘Game Change’


So, this is weird: Yesterday afternoon brought the first casting announcement for the HBO adaptation of John Heileman and Mark Halperin’s dishy 2008 election book, Game Change. The lucky actress playing Sarah Palin will be… Julianne Moore?! Now, we love Moore, but she’s not exactly the first person who comes to mind when we think of Palin — maybe because Tina Fey will own that role forever. Since this may be a sign that the production’s casting department is struggling, we’ve decided to help them out by providing a few suggestions for who should play some of the election’s biggest names. Add yours in the comments.

Don Cheadle as Barack Obama

Yes, Cheadle has darker skin than Obama. But he did that quiet, wise, heroic thing so well in Hotel Rwanda.

Robin Givens as Michelle Obama

Let’s get this lady her career back, right?

Emma Thompson as Hillary Clinton

Hope Davis has already had a shot at doing Hillary, so we think this serious British actress would give the lady some much-needed intelligence.

George Clooney as Bill Clinton

This isn’t about resemblance so much as how flattered we imagine both of these famous womanizers would be if Clooney got to play Clinton.

The Ghost of John Ritter as John Edwards

No disrespect intended, but this would be perfect, wouldn’t it?

Anthony Cooper as John McCain

Yes, Losties. John Locke’s dad.

Jason Bateman as Todd Palin

1. It will make sense when you see him with the goatee. 2. He’s good at playing skeezy.

Miley Cyrus as Bristol Palin

Can’t. Be. Tamed.