The Flavorpill Mixtape: Explosions in the Sky, Ponytail, The Wrens


How’s your March going? OK? Too quiet? Stuck inside in the drizzle watching reruns of Will Smith movies? We thought so. Here’s the cure for whatever ails you: another heaping serving of new music, fresh off the griddle. There’s a sneak peek at Wiz Khalifa’s new album, plus tracks from the Dodos, Parenthetical Girls, The Wrens, and more. Right click and “Save As” to download, or if you want it all, scroll down to the bottom to get a big ol’ zip file.

1. “Trembling Hands” by Explosions in the Sky

“Trembling Hands” is the first single off the upcoming Explosions in the Sky record Take Care, Take Care, Take Care , and it’s everything you want from that gang of heartstring-pluckers: lush, swooning, ethereal, and just the thing for nursing a hangover.

2. “The Race” by Wiz Khalifa

The Wiz is releasing his major label debut Rolling Papers later this month, featuring this breezy anthem. Khalifa calls “The Race” a “swag song” and that just about nails it: effortless rhymes, a laid-back rhythm, and a bit of a smirk.

3. “As I’ve Known” by The Wrens

This track is off the long-awaited, long-promised Wrens follow up to The Meadowlands, a dreamy, layered vision that does as much for the state of New Jersey as some of Springsteen’s silkier anthems.

4. “Rest” by Parts & Labor

The second full length from Brooklyn-based art rockers Parts & Labor just arrived this week. To celebrate, here’s the noisy pop single from the LP, Constant Future. It’s a sweet, catchy drone of a tune, well worth checking out.

5. “Easy Peasy” by Ponytail

If you’re as pumped for the return of Baltimore art-punkers Ponytail as we are, then you’ll be equally excited about this track, the first single from their upcoming album. It’s chock full of clashes, bings, savory drum parts, and other tender morsels of spazzdom that we know and love so well.

6. “The Pornographer” by Parenthetical Girls

Freak-folk quartet Parnethetical Girls are releasing the third in their Privilege records series, featuring vinyl that’s hand-numbered in the band members’ blood. (Yep!) “The Pornographer” skews towards the slow and bluesy, more folk and less freaky.

7. “Baby, I Will Leave You in the Morning” by Marissa Nadler

Marissa Nadler makes folk music with an edge to it, and “Baby, I Will Leave You in the Morning,” is not only beautifully atmospheric, it’s tinged with the sort of darkness most folk singers avoid. Look for her new Kickstarter-funded album Marissa Nadler, out this spring.

8. “Black Night” by The Dodos

This week, the California duo The Dodos released their haunting new album, No Color. “Black Night” is full of some great finger-picking guitar and sing-along chords. Check out the rest of the album, which features the vocals of Neko Case.

9. “Royalty” by Dinosaur Bones

Toronto’s Dinosaur Bones just released their new album, My Divider , this week. “Royalty” is a smooth, swooping track, full of a sort of heaviness that you wouldn’t expect from such a whimsical name.

10. “Glass Jar” by Gang Gang Dance

In case you missed it, Gang Gang Dance is coming out with a new album this spring. “Glass Jar” is the first glimpse of it, a maximalist, 11-minute dance freakout that builds steadily to a frenzied disco crescendo. You could say we recommend it.

All together now! Click here to download the entire mix.