Possibly-Better-Off Missed Connections [Reader Services]


So we got in a little trouble with you guys last week because we called this guy creepy — apologies, we just found his phrasing stuffy. And then we told you about Julia Wirtz, whose new book I Saw You… is inspired by anonymous posts from Craigslist’s Missed Connections. Now would you believe that it’s time for another round of Cultural Missed Connections? Guess time flies when you’re helping people laugh at people who are trying to find love…

Nancy on the L Train, Sat. night: We talked music, SXSW – m4w – 28 (Williamsburg) We had a brief conversation but you were fun to talk to. I got off on the Graham stop before asking you for your number. I was kicking myself the next day. Let’s see music together!

We’re breaking our official no more talking about SXSW rule for this one because it’s cute.

Diana from UWS at Glasslands – m4w – 35 (Wiliamsburg) I think that was your name. I asked you to hold my space in the bathroom line and when I got back we got into some heavy flirting after I told you I was writing a screenplay. I’m sorry I didn’t kiss you, although you were pretty drunk and probably don’t remember. Maybe next time…

It’s just like a guy who is writing a screenplay to work in the fact that he’s writing a screenplay into a post that’s supposed to be about someone else.

The Decemberists – m4w – 23 (Graham Ave) As you took my order at the coffee shop, you mentioned that you had the same Decemberists t-shirt as me. I was too hungover to make any reasonable conversation back, but I went back that afternoon hoping you’d be there. Anyways, I thought you were outrageously cute and wish that I had stuck around to chat.

In our experience, if someone likes you when you’ve got hangover face, they’re a keeper. You really screwed up.

you were hit by a taxi last Tuesday on 57th and 6th – m4w I (thirtysomething black guy, blue coat, khakis) called 911 for you … I was hit by a taxi once while walking in the city, so I felt an instant kinship with you. I hope you’re okay… that other guy (middle-aged, balding white guy) saw everything (I only heard the accident), and he said that the driver was completely at fault… so put the cabbie’s insurance to good use and get the money that you deserve. (Although be forewarned, it might take years.)

We weren’t sure if this was meant to be romantic until he started putting down the other guy. And we know it’s not *cultural*, but it’s a rather cinematic setup, no?

Saturday night at Studio B – m4w (Greenpoint) To the girl in the orange-ish skirt dancing alone. You were totally cute and had great moves. Too bad you walked away from every guy that tried to dance with you.

Are you trying to get the girl or piss her off?

Mary, we met at Santo’s watching Egyptian Lover – m4w – 28 (Chinatown / Lit Italy) We talked for awhile at the front, left hand side of the stage. We have a mutual friend in Greenpoint. I had to leave but you were amazing and I would love to spend some time with you.

Yay, we interviewed Eyptian Lover! But why are you trying to find Mary on here if you’ve got mutual friends? Duh.

art/paint store on metropolitan… and your miniature sex dolls – m4w – 25 (east wburg) i held the door for you…”no, i don’t work here.” i want to see your miniature babies in action.

Wow. Just wow.