The Hotelicopter Scares the Crap Outta Us


From what we can tell, the Web site for the world’s biggest helicopter/flying hotel is 100% real — it even has as Twitter. Which is just scary. (The realness of the Hotelicopter, not the fact that it’s on Twitter.) While we think this thing has Hindenberg written all over it (or even a Kristen Wiig Saturday Night Live skit), there’s a good chance we’re just being cowardly luddites. We’ll allow you to make up your own minds after viewing the video commercial after the jump; let us know if you’ll be booking a “cabin” in the comments.

The Hotelicopter – The World’s First Flying Hotel! from Alvin Farley on Vimeo.

[Thanks for the tip, Doug!]

Update: Yeah, it was a hoax. Or at least that’s what Wired sez. And they also think we’re all really stupid for falling for it.