Who to Boo: The Week in Sports


Finally, Four. With a mix of lopsided blowouts and down-to-the-wire nail-biters, everyone’s office bracket came one step closer to irrelevant, as Connecticut, Michigan State, North Carolina, and Villanova made it to the Final Four. While the field is Cinderella-free, these final contenders are all on a fairly even keel, helping to secure the NCAA’s reputation as the US sporting championship most worthy of non-fans’ attention. Thankfully, the attendance should find more actual students in the stands of Detroit’s massive Ford Field.

For his next trick, Lebron will… Also with appeal outside the usual sporting set, Cleveland Cavaliers’ Lebron James nonchalantly made a ridiculous long-distance shot during an interview with 60 Minutes‘ Steve Kroft. That much-hyped clip was surely a ratings bonanza for the show. King James revealed himself to be as thoughtful and charismatic as we could have hoped for the 24-year-old. But we haven’t forgotten about this move.

Jock Olds vs Rock Olds. The latest Risky Business-aping, drawers-sporting Guitar Hero ad stars college hoops coaching legends Bob Knight, Rick Pitino, Roy Williams, and Mike Krzyzewski getting some backtalk from the decidedly untough Metallica. We miss Heidi…

Thundersticks Win Again. Although the Netherlands won over fans with an unexpectedly strong showing, the Americas didn’t stand a chance against East Asian powerhouses in the World Baseball Classic. Japan earned its second title with a 5-3 win over South Korea in a well-played competition. Following a dismal fourth-place finish, there were loud calls for reform of the US team.