FW Exclusive: Brooklyn’s Vivian Girls Talk Road Trip Movies, Michael J. Fox


It can be hard to keep track of all the bands who burble up in Brooklyn’s indie rock scene — the groups whose music you hear playing in the background of your favorite bar, like TV ON THE RADIO or YEASAYER, and kind of half-recognize.

Art punk trio VIVIAN GIRLS — who sound like a perfect blend of the BEACH BOYS and one of PHIL SPECTOR’s girl groups — is one such band to keep your eye on.

With the re-release of their self-titled debut album this fall music bloggers went crazy, but this low-budget video for their single “Tell the World” is what first caught our eye.

Funny faux driving scenes + fantastic bangs = indie rock crush.

After the jump, all three Vivian Girls reveal their favorite road trip movie to Flavorwire. They’ve picked some goodies, but what classic flicks did they miss?

KATY KICKBALL: My favorite road trip movie is, in fact, ROAD TRIP, because it’s hilarious, and all sorts of wacky hijinks go down.

CASSIE RAMONE: Although it is not exactly a “road trip” movie, my favorite movie that could fall under this category is HOMEWARD BOUND: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY, because I really liked it as a kid. When we were on tour driving through the windy mountains in the Northwest, all I could think about was those three lost animals trying to make their way back home. Also, MICHAEL J. FOX does one of the dog’s voices, and one of my mottoes is “Michael J. Fox… always a fox.”

ALI: CROSSROADS. I’ve never seen it but I’m about 99 percent positive it’s my favorite road trip movie.