Hooray for Froggywood


What happens when all-American Jack Bauer is called upon to save millions of innocents on a lovely Parisian Saturday? Naturally, with a full 24 hours to respond, he calmly eats a croissant, dallies with his beautiful woman, finishes his Camus, and dreams of bocce and boating in the sun. Stella Artois commissioned this 24 Hours send-up for their Smooth Originals campaign, which also packs classic, cliché French New Wavisms into spoofs of 8 Mile and Die Hard.

“Dial Hard” is least effective, but the beatnik noir of “8 Kilometres” is amazing in its silly, PG-rated, café-set reenactment of Rabbit’s final battle of wits. Can you think of any other flicks that would benefit from a Stella-style makeover?