Adventures in Babysitting + Superbad = The Sitter


We’ve told you before how much we loved Jonathan Levine’s under appreciated Sundance gem The Wackness. (And don’t even get us started on the early ’90s hip-hop soundtrack. Ah-may-zing.) So when we read this post over on /film about Levine’s next flick, which also name checked two movies that we actually own, we were the happiest kids at the birthday party.

“Anyway, director Jonathan Levine has found his next project, this time set up at Fox Atomic. The Sitter is described as Adventures in Babysitting meets Superbad, and tells the story of a suspended college student who ‘has a night to remember when he gets talked into baby-sitting the eccentric kids next door — two boys and a wild 8-year-old girl.'”

As Peter Sciretta points out, Sony Classics did a total crappy job of promoting The Wackness, so hopefully Fox Atomic will be a better fit. And if Jonah Hill is really on board? Well, we just might get so excited that we puke. (Just imagine the dialogue possibilities: “Peace out forevah… Don’t fuck with the babysitter… Ah, McLovin, McLovin, McLovin, McLovin.”

Side note: Has anyone read the R.L. Stine book with the same name?