Photographing the Next Generation of Reality TV Stars


After years of capturing celebrities and quasi-celebrities as art director of the shameless tabloid Star , Brooklyn-based photographer David Kimelman has embraced the habit for his new series, Reality Wanted . The portraits are a series of individuals who hope to be cast in reality shows, wearing their own clothes and given little direction in their posing and staging so they can, as Kimelman says, “be seen in the way in which they want to present themselves to the world.”

Since all of the aspiring stars are getting their big breaks in the series, we figured we could help the whole process along and cast some of them in shows ourselves. Check out some of our favorite shots, arranged according to our own casting preferences, after the jump.

Jersey Shore

Project Runway

Big Brother

The Real World

American Idol

Rock of Love

View the rest of Reality Wanted as it is updated here. Shots from the series are also on view at the ICP in New York.