The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Yesterday AOL named Twitter co-founder Biz Stone a “social impact” strategic adviser for the company, as part of its broader integration with HuffPo. Stone, who is staying at Twitter, will work on “cause-based initiatives,” such as “creating a system to help people volunteer in their communities and a video series featuring companies committed to philanthropy.” [via NYP]

2. In an effort to counter the economic effects of public libraries building up their e-book collections, HarperCollins has started enforcing new restrictions on its e-books, stating that they can only be checked out 26 times before they “expire.” Assuming a two-week checkout period, that’s only long enough for a book to last about a year. [via NYT]

3. Chloë Sevigny, who is in talks to star in a new HBO mini-series about the infamous 1892 murderess Lizzie Borden, has been staying at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in Fall River, Massachusetts in order to prepare for the role. [via Variety]

4. Microsoft is releasing a new version of Internet Explorer today that includes a do-not-track tool that blocks companies from monitoring your surfing habits. That leaves the ball in your court, Google and Apple. [via WSJ]

5. Whether you’re a fan of her music or not, you have to admit that it’s pretty amazing that Lady Gaga has raised over $250,000 for tsunami and earthquake relief with her $5 Japan Prayer Bracelet. [via CocoPerez]

Bonus link: Iron and Wine covers George Michael’s “One More Try”