Introducing Said in Bed: As Awkward As the Act Itself


Everyone’s been there, we just don’t like to talk about it. Maybe it was an inopportune question about someone’s STD status, a mistaken name or an over-share, but assuming you’ve ever been in bed with another person, you’ve had the distinct displeasure of saying or hearing the wrong thing. Michael Ewing of the recently launched Web site Said in Bed is here to clear the air.

Organized in the style of Overheard in New York, Said in Bed invites readers to contribute things they have heard before, during or after sex. Ewing hopes that by creating an open forum to discuss sex-talk, he can remove some of the stigma that surrounds the subject.

If nothing else, the website will definitely provide stories that are worse than your own. During a phone interview the other day, the creator provided some of his favorite stories. In one devastating example of the thin line between kink and awkwardness, Ewing recounts that “one woman told the guy she was sleeping with ‘do whatever you want to me’ and he says ‘Can I have your Darth Vader figure?'” Another time, Ewing was engaging in some post-coital conversation about his new exercise routine until his partner suggested he do some more cardio.

So, wrack your brains for those moments — the ones when you’ve said something that would sound totally normal to a cashier at the grocery store but comes out all wrong in bed. Think about the times when you’ve realized that the person you brought home from the bar is mildly touched following some really dumb pillow talk. It is almost guaranteed that you will find people who identify on this site that Ewing describes as “uncomfortable as modern sex itself.” Sounds fun, right?

Ready to talk dirty? Send your best bedroom stories to Michael at