In Praise of Demented Fashion Icons: Johnny Depp’s Best Hats


Johnny Depp may not have taken home any acting awards this year (he did get nominated, somewhat generously, for roles in both Alice in Wonderland and The Tourist), but his losing streak ends today. As Pop Candy reports, the Headwear Association — apparently a real, century-old organization — has named Depp Hat Person of the Year. And while we still have some quibbles with the Academy’s picks this year, we think the Headwear folks made a great choice.

In fact, so enamored are we with Depp’s on- and off-screen hat choices that we’ve decided to devote an entire installment of our series In Praise of Demented Fashion Icons to the only star in Hollywood who can make homeless chic work on the red carpet. Meanwhile, we’re pretty sure his scarves could also support a post of their own.

Indiana Jones and the Scruffy Goatee. The scarf doubles as a rope!

This one is a bit more Death of a Salesman. Also, those glasses? Hipster Johnny Depp meme waiting to happen. Go for it, internet.

Oh, sure, he’s in costume as Jack Sparrow. But we’d like to point out that his pirate’s hat-bandanna combo seems like the obvious forerunner of the thug’s contemporary baseball cap-bandanna combo.

What is that hat made of? How’s it staying on his head? Ask not these questions of Johnny Depp, for his ways are not the ways of man. Great jacket, too. Not speculating on what’s in his hand.

On anyone else? Insufferable fake beatnik schtick. On Johnny Depp? Just fine.

Not the coolest hat ever, but fun fact: Depp was part owner of L.A.’s Viper Room until 2004.

Depp as Willy Wonka pic makes us wonder: Should the eterna-bobbed Anna Wintour give top hats a try?

Lookin’ a little bit like a golf caddy in this photo from Vanity Fair. Not in a bad way.

Vintage Johnny. So ’90s it’s cool again.

Are we all mad here, or does the salmon/olive silk combo actually work, if you ignore the orange hair and pastel-print tie?