Monday MP3 Madness: A Pair of Music Icons Walk Into A Bar…


1. NASA FEATURING TOM WAITS AND KOOL KEITH, “Spacious Thoughts” Waits growls and Keith spits — a weird combination that makes us wonder who else to expect on this debut from SPIKE JONZE’s brother, SAM SPIEGEL. [Pitchfork]

2. MARNIE STERN, “Don’t Stop Believing” (Journey cover) The divisive CMJ 2008 darling gives us a good excuse to crank it up to level 11. [Stereogum]

3. PURSE SNATCHERS, “It Woke Me From Slumber” Indie rock boy meets indie rock girl; they get married and start indie rock side project. [Barack Rock]

4. AESOP ROCK, “Citronella” The hip-hop equivalent of the New York Times’ Week in Review section. [Daytrotter]

5. LOCH LOMOND, “Blue Lead France” Happy hippie music from a sprawling troupe out of Portland. [RCRD LBL]