FOX's Dating Show for "Average People": More to Loathe?


We just saw a piece in the New York Post about a forthcoming FOX (of course) reality show called More to Love that’s about big girls competing Bachelor-style for the heart of a Johnny Lunchbox. In fact, the creator of that cringe-inducing exploration into the on-camera mating rituals of the generically attractive and vapid has the executive producer reins on More to Love. Could FOX possibly be making an attempt at even-handed portrayal of “normal” Americans honestly interacting with each other?

That’s the party line: “For six years it’s been skinny-minis and good-looking bachelors, and that’s not what the dating world looks like,” Fox president of alternative Mike Darnell said. “Why don’t real women — the women who watch these shows, for the most part — have a chance to find love too?”

Or will the participants be made out to be laughable notties? Regardless, it’s at least refreshing that there will be a show featuring larger people who aren’t trying to become smaller people. Reality TV hasn’t always been kind to singles who are different. Remember what happened to Midget Mac…

What slice of real life would you like to see respectfully represented on reality prime time: academics, farmers, homeless, elderly, disabled, LARPers, agoraphobics, former convicts? Comment away.