5 Blogs That Should Become Books


You remember when the Bacon Explosion people landed that insane book deal earlier this month? And then a few weeks later, we found out that the people behind This Is Why You’re Fat had inked a deal, too. (Also: As we were writing this, we almost knocked over the review copy of Love, Mom — the new book from the Postcardsfromyourmomma.com gals.) This all got us thinking about our favorite blogs, and which ones we’d like to see make the leap into book form. You know, unlike something like Stuff White People Like. Our short list after the jump; please add to it in the comments.

1. Why the F*** Do You Have a Kid? 2. People Who Sit In The Disability Seats When I’m Standing On My Crutches 3. songs about buildings and food 4. Advanced Style 5. J.Cruel