Welcome to the Omegledome


A new site called Omegle is totally stoked to help you chat anonymously and one on one with complete strangers. A high-school student just launched it, which makes total sense. Founder Leif K-Brooks (who endorsed this parody) says the site has been taking off in a big way and that’s understandable. While railing against Omegle as an insidious, malicious time-suck, I still found myself telling friends about it. Sorry, world! I wound up contacting five people from Boston to Germany. Aside from one suicidal-sounding ray of sunshine, the chats were utterly banal, and I couldn’t muster enough mean to make the exchanges any more awkward.

Connecting to server… Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on. You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You: i’m an omegle virgin You: i wonder what one chats to strangers about… Stranger: Texas Stranger: The Game Stranger: And you losing it You: what game? the LA rapper? how did brooklyn lose him? Stranger: lol jk Stranger: u like rap? You: as much as the next omegler Stranger: Metal? You: i take it you’re a dude, then? Stranger: mastodon? You: how did you hear about omegle? Stranger: friend You: what’s good in texas these days? You: i finally stopped hearing about my friend’s time at sxsw Stranger: lol Stranger: i was at home for spring break You: a college lad, eh? no spring break in tijuana? Stranger: na You: i hear getting kidnapped there is all the rage Stranger: went home to relax Stranger: lol yea You: nothing like chillaxing to some mastodon You: it’s like going back in the womb, really Stranger: sure You: on a scale of 1-10 how satanic are you? Stranger: 1 You: what’s more evil: the marlboro man or bryan, tx? Stranger: bryan, tx You: what kind of shoes are you wearing? Stranger: none You: that’s not metal You: human-skin sandals, now that’s metal Stranger: i need some of those You: ok, i gotta go You: enjoy yr time omeglin’

So now I’m turning it over to you. *Try it yourself. Start a chat. And if you get any choice dialog snippets, drop ’em in the comments.

* Unless you’re a tween reader. Then don’t. Encouraging that kind of behavior would make me feel way too much like one of the producers of To Catch A Predator.