Births, Deaths, & Bathroom Stuff [Web Shorts]


Bookninja calls it quits? One of our favorite book blogs, is closing up shop. While some of the site’s commenters on the site think it’s an April Fool’s gag, George’s post sounds pretty serious: “My decision is to buy myself some more time for personal issues and writing, so it’s a good thing for me. Thanks for stopping by this last half decade. Some of you have been here since the beginning. Thanks for that.” Guess we’re just going to have to wait for tomorrow… Update: Yeah, we’re suckers. [Via Bookninja]

Meanwhile, launches: Our life coach Elizabeth Spiers is overseeing the launch a new luxury lifestyle blog. (Kyle Anderson is the editor.) Before naysayers go on a tirade about making this move in “the current economy”, take heed: “Luxury doesn’t mean what it used to mean,” Spiers writes. “The target reader for this site has $150K in household income (HHI). In the rest of the country, that’s a ton of money. Where I grew up, it would buy you a small McMansion.” Plus, she’s a woman who loves a challenge. Congrats to you both. [Via Spiersblr]

The A.V. Club publishes some unfinished posts: Maybe this is only funny if you’re a blogger, but it made us LOL. “…operating under the theory that where one half-baked idea is useless, a group of half-baked ideas is a value, I’ve rounded up all the scotched posts in rough outline form, along with a little note about why they went unfinished, in hopes that maybe one or more of them will spark some good discussion and thus revivify our dormant blog section.” Hmm. Maybe we’ll turn all of those failed attempts at explaining why it’s not wrong to love Britney Spears into a series… [Via A.V. Club]

YouTube is like totally jealous of Hulu’s outfit: What do you do when there’s suddenly some stiff competition in an area that you completely dominated in the past? Redesign your site to look more like theirs, natch! YouTube sez the goal is to highlight more of their “premium content” by offering four main tabs: Movies, Music, Shows, and Videos. (“Videos” will house the content you think of when you think YouTube.) [Via Unbeige]

And now for some toilet humor: We find the fact that there is more than one site dedicated to bathroom graffitii strange but oddly enjoyable — especially on a day that’s all about plastic poo. We hope you do too. [Via Kottke]