Upcoming Musicals, Movies, & TV Shows We Wish Were April Fools' Jokes


According to MTV News, Harold Ramis says that plans for a Groundhog Day musical are moving forward. Contrary to popular cult opinion, we’ve always found that repetitive flick incredibly annoying, so we can only imagine what a Broadway version — especially with music from Stephen Sondheim — would do to us. Bleeding from the eyes and ears? It’s almost as silly as adapting a Green Day album for the stage. Oh wait. That one is happening too.

Moving on… Steve Carell’s on-screen life can get more depressing. Who knew? Variety also reports that “MGM has set Josh Schwartz to write and make his feature directorial debut with a fresh take on the 1984 Jay McInerney novel Bright Lights, Big City.” If you’ve read this blog before, you know we LOVE Josh Schwartz. We also remember enjoying McInerney’s book. We’re just having a really tough time imagining the overlap between the two — while we love Chuck, Schwartz seems to have the most success with projects that target a female demo. And doesn’t he have enough on his plate with that Lily spin-off?

Speaking of TV: First off, if the Octomom gets her own reality show, we’re throwing eight televisions out the window. And the latest buzz around scripted series doesn’t sound much better. As Gawker’s Richard noted, these newly-announced TV shows all sound bad — except for The Station,”which revolves around covert CIA operatives in South America” and has a pilot directed by Ben Stiller. He is the man who directed Reality Bites… Maybe it’s time to start bringing back shows that already failed 10 years ago. Doh! (Actually, we’d take an old ’90s script with Bobby Cannavale instead of Jeremy Piven any day.)

Update: We just read that Sony is doing Men in Black: 3. Awesome. Now we wish that we could delete that info from our memory.