This Week in Buzz


Editor’s note: Each Friday, our internet-savvy friends over at BuzzFeed curate a post for us that’s filled with links to some of their favorite items on the web that week. Enjoy!

What a week! It’s been Friday every day since last Friday thanks to breakout tween poplet Rebecca Black. The insipid lyrics of the original left listeners dumbfounded, inspired others to record their own covers, create animated GIFs, and landed Ms. Black an interview on Good Morning America. As for us, we never want this weekend to end.

* Casey Heynes, a 16-year-old bullying victim, became a controversial internet hero this week after a video of him delivering a Street Fighter-style pile-driver to his tormentor went viral, despite efforts to have it removed.

* Comedy Central’s Roast of Donald Trump featured The Situation’s horrendous attempt at humor. And if you thought that was bad, wait ‘til you hear the jokes that were cut from the broadcast.

* Poor, bleach-blonde Alexandra Wallace was upset about Asian people making “ching chong” noises in the UCLA library and interrupting her studies. Offended? Don’t worry. YouTuber Jimmy explains that “ching chong” means “I love you.”

* Gilbert Gottfried, notorious for going dark when other comics won’t, was fired from his gig as the voice of the Aflac duck after tweeting jokes about Japan.

* Amid all of this entertainment, news of Japan remains on our minds as the nation recovers from the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis. Check out all of the top reports on the BuzzFeed Viral Topic Page: Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.