Chilean Children Can Now Study the Force at The Jedi Temple


In Quilpué, Chile, children can learn the way of the Jedi at a special school that teaches martial arts, performing arts and meditation. Oh, and fighting with lightsabers. “As a yoga and taekwondo instructor, I got the idea to integrate these disciplines with meditation and do something more holistic and funny, looking to entertain children and interpret those characters who are fans (translation),” martial arts instructor and Jedi Temple director William Berrueta told the BBC. As for their lightsaber training, they have “exact replicas” with sounds and lights for the children to practice with, and from the looks of things, the instructors even dress up like Jedi. The school’s second session began on Thursday and is currently training more than 20 students between 6 and 12, though they’re looking to expand, and getting ready to hire instructors for kung fu and katana. Man, fifth grade is so much cooler in Chile.

[via Slashfilm]