Photo Gallery: Richard Beymer’s Shots from the Set of ‘Twin Peaks’


If you’re a Twin Peaks fan, you can’t see a zigzag pattern without thinking of that floor. And when Kyle MacLachlan pops up on Sex and the City or Portlandia, you can’t imagine him as anyone but Dale Cooper. Maybe you even see dead Laura Palmer in your dreams. If any of those three criteria apply to you, then prepare to get excited, because the same folks who brought you the Twin Peaks 20th-anniversary art exhibition are back with actor Richard Beymer’s (who played Benjamin Horne) set photos. From glimpses at how the show’s eerie dreamscapes were shot to images of Lynch interacting with his cast to, well, lots of freaky, possessed stares, our favorite shots from the collection are after the jump. If you like what you see (and don’t mind your home decor giving you nightmares), you can buy prints here.