Pedro Zamora Movie Premieres Tonight on MTV


We can’t decide which we find stranger: The fact that MTV is releasing a movie called Pedro about the life of the Real World: San Francisco cast-member/ HIV/AIDS activist or the fact that Bill Clinton is going to be introducing it. We’re not knocking the made-for-TV movie or Clinton’s support of it — rather, we just felt like we were having a weird time warp moment, and had suddenly landed smack dab in the mid-90s. (We’re wearing a similar pair of beat-up Converse, but luckily, we’ve since retired dad’s over-sized flannel.)

As Clinton writes in this post on Reuters, “As we followed his story each week, Pedro humanized the growing epidemic, reducing our ignorance and fears and increasing our determination to act. By living bravely and allowing MTV to show his story, Pedro set an extraordinary example of what a tremendous impact a single person can make in our world. Pedro’s story and his message remain powerful and relevant. Today, more than 1 million Americans are living with HIV, and 20 percent of them don’t know they are infected.”

Zamora died on November 11, 1994, the day after the final episode of The Real World: San Francisco aired. It’s interesting to think that it’s been almost 15 years now — wonder why MTV waited this long? And while we’re at it, a few more questions:

1. Can you remember the name of any cast-member from the past five years?

2. Wasn’t the show better when it was still a “social experiment” and the people were uglier?

3. Can you imagine Obama referencing The Real World? Ever?

Read a review from the LA Times here and watch Clinton’s intro below.