Doug Jaeger's Trouble with Mom


Jeremy Abelson: Did the campaign receive more attention because of the modifications made to it?

Doug Jaeger: Probably, but for what? I mean it received attention for being slashed up. In some circles that’s really cool, but, ya know my parents were like “we’re really disappointed in you.”

– HuffPo published an insightful story on the aftermath of the MoMA/Poster Boy scandal and the ensuing impact on Happy Corp’s Doug Jaeger, who produced the MoMA ad campaign. Flavorpill’s been friends with Jaeger for a long time, as he refers to in his interview with HuffPo’s Jeremy Abelson, and we continue to be surprised by the press’ fixation on the campaign in the context of vandalism. We just hope that Mr. and Mrs. Jaeger don’t come down too hard on Doug.