Hire an Army of Reporters for the Price of a Round


We don’t take staying informed lightly here at Flavorpill, and neither should you. That’s why we scoured the world to bring you the best possible deal on a first-class purveyor of global analysis and insight.

The Economist : Your one-stop shop for looking good on dates, impressing your lover’s parents with insight into foreign banking systems and winning pretty much any debate at the squash court (yeah, we talk politics over squash).

For what it costs to hire a bartender to pour you a shot, you can hire a platoon of peerless reporters to scour the globe on your behalf. And if that’s not enough bang for your 12 bucks, we’ll toss in a free copy of Erin C. Garcia’s new book Photography as Fiction to the first 20 subscribers, which features some of the most vivid imagery from the archives of LA’s J. Paul Getty Museum.

In case you find yourself in an intellectual standoff over dinner, reference The Economist iPad app, iPhone app, and podcasts and return to the table with an arsenal of arguments to disarm your opponent.

Knowledge isn’t priceless — it’s 12 bucks.