Is This Banksy’s Wife?


Never mind that we still don’t actually know who Banksy is. The Daily Mail, which also claims to it exposed the mysterious street artist three years ago as Robin Gunningham, “a former public schoolboy who grew up in middle-class suburbia,” says it’s discovered the identity of his wife. Mrs. Banksy is supposedly Joy Millward, a 31-year-old parliamentary lobbyist who married Gunningham in 2006. According to an anonymous source, the couple lives in an “isolated community” and “some of Joy’s relatives have not been told who her husband is or what he does… Banksy has told people he designs the sets for award ceremonies, which explains his frequent absences.” Considering that The Daily Mail isn’t exactly The New York Times, we’re intrigued but not 100% convinced. So, what do you think? Is Joy Millward the real Mrs. Banksy? Is Banksy even married in the first place? [Photo by Rex Features, via Daily Mail]