Bingo Battle: Traditional Publishing vs. Epublishing


The worlds of traditional and electronic (and/or self-) publishing have been at war ever since the latter reared its technologically advanced head. And it looks like the next battle will be fought in an unexpected but entirely appropriate venue: viral Bingo cards. Over the weekend, John Scalzi posted Electronic Publishing Bingo, a card filled with tiresome and naïve arguments from that format’s supporters, including such chestnuts as: “All art should be free” and “Printing is the most costly part of publishing.” Now, a copyeditor and Boing Boing reader who goes by the Flickr handle Shmuel 510 has fired back with Traditional Publishing Bingo, a similar collection featuring gems like: “Wikipedia cannot possibly work” and “Nobody wants to read on a screen.” Both sides make excellent points, so which Bingo card will you be staking your hard-earned book money on?