Yoshi Sodeoka’s ’70s Concept Album-Inspired Videos


New York-based artist and musician Yoshi Sodeoka is no stranger to the psychedelic. For the past decade, he’s been making trippy, neon prints and videos that update the acid-soaked Summer of Love sensibility for the 21st century. Sodeoka has also done fascinating work with music, as in this incredible video that finds him combining Peter Saville’s iconic cover design for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures with footage from one of the band’s TV performances.

For his latest project, Sodeoka is making a series of short videos inspired by ’70s prog-rock concept albums, in collaboration with the composer Daron Murphy. “Each piece will be autonomous, but when viewed together will create a larger whole,” the artist writes on his website. “The final number of videos and the total lengths are still to be determined however, each video will be released as it is completed.” Rhizome pointed us to “Sibyl,” the first clip to hit the web, and we found its combination of mind-expanding visuals and eerie, experimental noise eye-crossingly addictive. Check it out after the jump.